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SkinGuard FAQs

FAQ about SkinGuard

  • Gillette SkinGuard is our latest product innovation with new technology that addresses the unmet needs of men who suffer from skin sensitivity and are seeking a razor designed to stop irritation. It is the first clinically proven razor with patented Gillette SkinGuard technology that is positioned between two optimally spaced blades that absorb the weight from the hand strokes during shaving so the razor blades press less firmly on sensitive skin. The SkinGuard also smoothens and flattens the skin to protect the skin from the blades and reduce the tug and pull and elevates away from the skin to reduce blade contact with sensitive skin. Overall, it provides a clean, comfortable shave for men with sensitive skin.

  • The Gillette SkinGuard differs from a typical 2-bladed razor thanks to its SkinGuard technology, which is much better at providing a comfortable shave for men with sensitive skin. It is proprietary and patented technology for Gillette. No other razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin incorporates the unique SkinGuard is superior to a typical 2-bladed razor (like Gillette Sensor or Sensor Excel), please refer Gillette.com.

  • For men with sensitive skin, the stimulus from razors with multiple blades can exacerbate sensitivity. With its unique cartridge design, the Gillette SkinGuard has been developed for men with sensitive skin who are willing to compromise on closeness in order to experience more skin comfort. It is proprietary and patented technology for Gillette. No other razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin incorporates the unique SkinGuard, which is placed where blades 2,3 and 4 typically sit.

  • Sensitive skin is common, self-diagnosed condition. While there is no clear definition, it is most often defined by symptoms including redness, tightness, itching, burning or stinging and becomes especially noticeable when sensitive skin is exposed to irritants like soaps, cosmetics and other products applied topically. Although sensitive skin has been reported in most areas of the body, the face is the most common site. In the past, sensitive skin has been reported more frequently in women than in men; however, research has shown that in the past five years there is an increasing number of men reporting self-assessed sensitive skin.

  • Sensitive skin protection can be further enhanced with a consistent shaving regimen:

    • Hydate - be sure to wet your beard area before you shave, whether that means you shave in the shower or directly after. Hydrating the hairs make them more receptive to being cut. Just like the hair on you head, wet hair is easier to cut than dry hair.
    • Lather - apply a healthy amount of shave product, such as Gillette SkinGuard gel or foam / Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Sensitive gel or foam / PURE by Gillette foam or cream to your face before you shave to help make your strokes smoother.
    • Shave - particularly for men with sensitive skin, shave with a product like Gillette SkinGuard that is designed to stop irritation.
    • Soothe - be sure to use a post-shave product like moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated after the shave.
  • Yes, the new SkinGuard cartridge fits other Gillette Fusion5 handles.

  • No, the new SkinGuard cartridge is not designed to fit MACH3 handles.

  • The SkinGuard cartridge can attach to the Flexball handle to manoeuvre along the contours of a man's face, but the new technology is within the cartridge itself.