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Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor for men features 5 anti-friction blades for a shave you barely feel. With FlexBall technology, ProGlide responds to contours and gets virtually every hair. The Precision Trimmer on the back is great for hard-to-reach areas such as under the nose and sideburns. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide features a Streamlined Comfort Guard. The soft, flexible material surrounds the Microfins, creating an outer edge that wraps around the sides of the razor blade head and channels away excess shave prep for optimal razor blade contact. One men's razor blade refill equals up to one month of shaves. ProGlide Features: 5 Anti Friction Blades, Enhanced Long Lasting Indicator, Lubrastrip, Enhanced Precision Trimmer, FlexBall Technology & Streamlined Comfort Guard. Free shipping.



Maximum contact over contours and gets virtually every hair.



For less tug and pull.



Includes advanced blade.


Fusion Proglide

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Fusion Proglide
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  • Robert Smith

    Oct 14th 2020


    Best smooth shave I have had for some time.

  • John Wheeler

    Oct 12th 2020


    My initial reaction was disapoinrment,as I have soft skin & tough whiskers,the result was not as I expected. I will continue with th.e 3 blades left & make my desition as to whether I stay with your product. Possibly I made the wrong desition in choosing the Proglide when I should have selected the one for soft skin. Regards John Wheeler

  • John Purcell

    Oct 7th 2020


    A great shave, I have thrown my electric razor away and will use my Proglide for all my shaves.

  • Greg Humphreys

    Sep 29th 2020


    Best and smoothest shave

  • Barry Jacobs

    Sep 23rd 2020

    Fusion 5 Proglide

    Best shave ever. Fusion 5 teamed with a good shaving cream.

  • BJ Zangmeister

    Sep 23rd 2020

    Fusion Proglide Razor

    Impressed with the shave and the quality of the blades and the frequency of delivery for my blades. Service provided by Gillette Direct has been really good! Thanks!

  • Maurice Ambrosoli

    Sep 23rd 2020

    Very Good

    I tried other products, but Gillette is best in razor and blades

  • Pete Barter

    Sep 23rd 2020

    Gillette Proglide

    I’ve been using this razor since it’s release & been a loyal Gillette customer as long as I’ve been shaving. I can’t remember the last time I cut myself and I hate shaving, but the reward is after shaving off a 3 day growth, I love that clean smooth feeling. This razor is so good I can’t see the need to ever change.

  • Rod

    Sep 23rd 2020

    Gillette razor pro glide

    Great razor with a storage case thrown in, pro glide works a treat and the fusion takes on the tough beards easy enough, have tried the others and came back to gillette

  • Ross Murphy

    Jul 1st 2020

    Starter pack

    I received the razor and the blades but didn’t receive the travel case as promised in the starter pack

  • Dave Saunders

    Jun 1st 2020


    very happy with product and service

  • Giuseppe Oliveri

    May 1st 2020

    Fusion Proglide

    Have been using the razor for a while know and it's the closest shave I've had, won't use any other razor ever again.

  • barry sheehan

    Mar 17th 2020

    Fusion 5 Review

    Hi When one clicks on the review button it does not take one to the review O bought the razor and thought I had clicked on the fee extras but no In good faith I would have thought you would send them anyway I am away for work 3 nights a week Ideally it would be good to have a second one

  • Rob McCammon

    Feb 26th 2020


    Brilliant blades, very sharp however no need to worry about nicks and cuts. Very glad I came back to them.

  • Sambath He

    Feb 21st 2020

    The convenience hook me in

    It’s like Netflix, you just subscribe and forget. When ever your blades are all dull, your new blades arrive. Not having to go for a second run to local supermarket is just nice.

  • Garry Player

    Feb 11th 2020


    Great smooth shave

  • Norman

    Feb 8th 2020

    Great Razor

    I love this razor its the best that I have used its alot better than the others I have used and I will not use any other.

  • Peter schade

    Feb 4th 2020

    It’s the best shaver I have bought and have used it every day since it came on the market, the travel unit would make it easier to pack it,I travel quite frequently to see my family 320 kms away from where I live

    As a pensioner it is just affordable necessary I can purchase every 3-4 months in blade supply,

  • Gary Sohier

    Feb 2nd 2020

    Fusion proglide

    Excellent handle and blades are superior to those available in stores

  • Simon

    Jan 29th 2020

    Fusion Proglide 5

    Love my new razor. The travel case is awesome! Thanks Gillette!

  • Anatole Boyko

    Jan 20th 2020

    Fusion 5

    Long time user of Gillette and more recently Fusion. Gillette never fails to deliver the highest quality razor and blades.

  • Micah H

    Jan 16th 2020

    Gillette Fusion Proglide 5

    The razor is a great investment. The rotating ball helps it glide across my skin without scratching or damaging my acne and other obstacles!

  • Peter Fraser

    Jan 12th 2020

    Travel package

    Great value, great product when on the road so much.

  • Chris Renshaw

    Jan 9th 2020

    Best Razor

    I couldn't get the shave I wanted from an electric, so I went to disposable Razors. I got the shave but the nicks and cuts as well. Then I bought the Gillette Fusion 5 Proglide. I am in love with this razor. I now have a face smoother than I could've imagined and no nicks or cuts. This product is simply brilliant.

  • Paul Oglesby

    Jan 1st 2020

    Fusion Pro 5 Kit

    I have been using the Fusion Pro for years. I used an electric razor for many years but gave it a miss when I was told it was$120 to replace the blades. I bought a Fusion 5 and will never go back. The kit being offered by Gillette is wonderful, I now have 2 razors and replacement Blades at reduced price. I get a month of shaving out of each blade and each shave for a month is smooth

  • Darryl bradley

    Dec 31st 2019

    Great case and shave

    Have hard skin sand often find razors give me ingrown hairs ,tried the fusion 5 and won’t ever go back , as a bushfire firefighter it also helps with the fact you can almost shave dry just with water which is great out on the frontline when on deployments ! Great razor thoroughly recommend it

  • Unknown

    Dec 31st 2019

    Excellent blades

    Really happy with quality

  • Arist

    Dec 27th 2019


    Love the way the head moves and curves around your face and chin. Eliminates nicks that I use to get with a straight razor. The blades a excellent too.

  • Luke

    Dec 24th 2019

    Worth The Money

    Easy to use and easy to clean.

  • Peter

    Dec 17th 2019

    Best Shave

    And Fast Delivery!

  • Ray Tesoriero

    Nov 22nd 2019

    Fusion Proglide

    Product arrive quickly and is as good as I expected

  • Robert Brammy

    Oct 25th 2019

    Fusion 5 Cartridges

    I have been using this product since they came out. I am very happy with this product. But I thought I would also get the free travel case with my order. I intend to place orders as I need them for the cartridges.

  • Matthew

    Oct 24th 2019

    Best Razor

    The fusion proglide razors are high quality and some of the best razors I've used.

  • Al Cusack

    Oct 22nd 2019

    Gilette Fusion Proglide

    Perfect travel companion

  • Cameron Herpich

    Oct 21st 2019

    Fusion Proglide starter kit

    Whilst I have used it yet, the starter kit contained all that is was supposed to. One comment, in the travel case, there is no room for a spare blade. Maybe for future consideration.

  • MK

    Oct 17th 2019


    Nice packaging. Delivered as promised. Free travel case is infact very good. The blades- I've been using them since I started shaving

  • Russell

    Oct 16th 2019

    Fusion Proglide Starter Kit

    Very high quality blades. I have been using another shave club for some time and have just changed to Gillett. The blades are superior, I get a much closer shave comfortably. Handle feels good, great system for the head movement. It follows my face contours well. Great product, I’m very pleased I changed to Gillett.

  • Jaybam

    Oct 16th 2019

    Starter Kit

    Prompt delivery, good price, and I love the travel case.

  • Craig

    Sep 28th 2019

    Fusion Proglide

    Its great to have razors in the cupboard ready to use, just as I start my last one the new razors are on their way to me.

  • Brock

    Jul 30th 2019

    Fantastic Razor, Great Price

    The Fusion Proglide leaves a silky smooth finish with little effort. Razor does the work. Awesome for sensitive skin.

  • Colin Madden

    Jul 27th 2019

    Still the best razor

    I found the Gillette blades were getting a bit expensive so I tried other options. I was not really happy with the other brands that I tried. None were as smooth and the trimmer blades made me bleed on occasions. I was so please to see that I can now get Gillette products online and at a better price that the supermarkets. The Proglide is brilliant - very happy with this shaver.

  • Olivia

    Jul 19th 2019


    I always find myself using my partner’s Gillette Proglide. It works so much better than the average women’s razor. And lasts much longer!

  • Keegan

    Jul 19th 2019

    I’ve been using Gillette for years

    It’s my go to brand - I wouldn’t use anything else. The Proglide is so smooth to use on my face and easy to use, I love it.

  • Kai

    Jul 17th 2019

    Fast shipping

    Best razor on the market, now you don’t have to worry that you have no blades left to shave.

  • Mario Martinelli

    Jul 16th 2019

    Awesome Experience

    I've been trying to save money on razors for years, but the cheaper options ALWAYS nick my skin resulting in bleeding cuts, as well as friction rashes. Since starting on the ProGlide razor I can thankfully say that my skin feels great, so smooth and cut free, it's a real confidence booster. And now that Gillette has started the subscription delivery service I can look forward to having a few extra bucks in my pocket and a clean shaven smile on my dial. Cheers :-)

  • Andy

    Jul 16th 2019


    Have used this since it came out. Awesome shave and great for sensitive skin.

  • Tyler G.

    Jun 24th 2019

    Two thumbs up for me

    I was sent the Gillette Fusion pack to test out. It came with everything needed to get a great shave. First thing I noticed was the weight and design of the handle fits well in hand and feels comfortable to control around the face and neck. I received two types of blades that I found extremely thin and gave me a super close shave smoothly, with less pull than conventional and ordinary disposable razors. Two thumbs up for me


    Jun 12th 2019


    100% BEST FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!

  • Peter R

    Jun 6th 2019

    Way better than I expected

    I've been a Mach 3 guy for years and I didn't think it got much better. To my surprise the Fusion ProGlide had no trouble with my 3-day growth...I'm genuinely impressed by the quality of shave, especially considering I got through it in half the time.

  • Rhett R

    May 30th 2019

    No more cuts!

    I was so surprised after swapping from cheaper disposable razors to the proglide, my skin is so much smoother and I no longer cut my face on a dull blade. Have never tried a better blade.

  • Amar

    May 30th 2019

    Cleanest Shave To Date

    Just when I thought razors had reached thier peak, here we have a delightful addition. The starter kit came quickly and is one of the best shaves i've had. Love your work!

  • Nathan

    Apr 11th 2019

    Awesome product

    Have been using Gillette products since a teenager, recently I ordered the fusion proglide and I can’t fault it, feels good in your hand and has no problems curing away a 5 day growth. Highly recommend this product and recommended Gillette Direct