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Heated Razor


The convenience hook me in

It's like Netflix, you just subscribe and forget. When ever your blades are all dull, your new blades arrive. Not having to go for a second run to local supermarket is just nice.

Sambath He


Brilliant blades, very sharp however no need to worry about nicks and cuts. Very glad I came back to them.

Rob McCammon

Skinguard safety razor

The best safety razor that I have ever used. Nice clean shave without any nicks or cut. I have found that even if you don't wet your beard to soften it the skinguard razor will give a clean close shave without any drag or feeling that the whiskers are being pulled out.

John Nelson

Best find ever

So glad I found this subscription service, wish I had found it years ago. So handy and cheaper than the stores. The bonus sample product is very welcomed and perfect for when we travel.

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Our best blades - and a better way to buy

No sooner had King C Gillette invented the world’s first disposable blade, he set about trying to improve it. This led to the first adjustable blade and the first multiblade razor and now, with Gillette Direct, it’s even easier to enjoy the perfect shave.

All purchases are sent free of charge, every time, leaving you with a few dollars more to spend on the fun things in life. Subscription has its benefits with no nasty lock-in contracts and you can even select how regularly you want to receive your blades.

You’ll receive your 4th order FREE and the enjoy the convenience of having quality blades delivered when you need them. It’s our thanks for your commitment to looking your sharpest.

Benefit from over 100 years of class leading innovation and quality - at Gillette Direct you can choose from 4 of Gillette’s finest razors and enjoy the best a man can get. Remember, quality blades are sharper (and stay sharper too!). They last longer and you use less which means each shave is saving you money!